Board of Directors



Therese Wright, Founder/Executive Director —

Therese organizes, directs and manages the day-to-day operations of the organization.  She is responsible for community outreach, advertising, and local ministry. She is a collaborator with various organizations and programs.  She works directly with clients, outside organizations and agencies. She prepares plan of actions with clients and responsible for the referrals of clients to various social service agencies.

Teresa Caldwell-Gipson — Chief Financial Officer/Hospitality

Tamika Whitfield-Floyd — Program Director Molding of Generation Z

Program Coordinators

Shalondalyn Ellington — Community Service/Hospitality

Assists the CFO with the Hospitality services at our programs, including planning and serving.  Also supervises our quarterly community service (Bryan Stattion Road to Muir Station Road); signs up volunteers to assist with our community service.

Bobbie McCann — Community Rewards Program/Hospitality

Cyndra Brown — Hospitality/Community Workshops/Financial Educator